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Concentris - Cantilever Sensor Products

For more than a decade, Concentris has been serving the scientific community around the globe with instruments, tools and services in the field of nanomechanical cantilever sensors.

Concentris' products and services allow breakthrough analysis in areas such as biosensors for medical diagnostics or drug discovery, micro biology, surface chemistry, materials sciences, artificial olfaction and environmental monitoring.

  Cantisens Research Cantilever Sensor Platforms: Cutting Edge R&D

Our state-of-the-art cantilever sensors platforms have been designed for ambitious scientists. The Cantisens Research instruments serve as powerful tools for cantilever sensor research and application development. Support of eight cantilevers within an array, precisely controlled experimental conditions in either gas or liquid, rock-steady operation, Swiss precision engineering and powerful, user-friendly software make working with Cantisens products a first-in-class experience.

  Tipless Cantilever Arrays: The Gold Standard

With their unmatched precision in geometry and mechanical properties, Cantisens Cantilever Arrays are the gold standard when it comes to tipless microcantilevers. The extremely low thickness variation within an array of less than 1% is the key factor, why many leading research groups rely on Cantisens Cantilever Arrays for quantitative and reproducible measurements.
Cantisens Cantilever Arrays are available in various geometries for static and dynamic mode measurements, and with or without metal coating. Customers working with cantilever sensor based electronic noses can select from a variety of polymer coatings.

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